Gluten-Free Food Service Training


Gluten-Free Food Service Training Available:

It’s Simple!  Let’s get started — Register here for the NFCA’s “GREAT Kitchens” Foodservice Gluten-Free Online Training.

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Food Service Training On-Site Training also available – Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Universities, Concession, Nursing Homes, Bars, Schools

  • Customized Gluten-Free Training for your facility
  • Menu Development
  • Kitchen Audit
  • Ingredient Audit
  • Create and implement a Gluten-Free Safety System to avoid Cross-contact with Gluten.
  • Full Staff Training (Management, Front and Back of the House)
  • Training Manuals and Videos for on-going sustainable training
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Support


Most Gluten-Free (GF) patrons are Gluten-Free for medical reasons, none of which they feel like discussing with their server, fellow colleagues, during a business meeting, on a first date, family celebration, etc.  I teach and speak to hundreds of patrons and Foodservice providers who have real Gluten Intolerances.  None are looking to lose weight, think it’s healthier, or are jumping on the bandwagon.

Dining is a social event. Most who are Gluten-Free, just want to discretely order their Gluten-Free item, while having the confidence that the staff is aware of proper handling and preparation procedures.

GF doesn’t have to taste bland or be replacements that are unhealthy.

Communication is key!  If a facility is going to offer Gluten-Free, proper training is needed. A menu review, ingredient/kitchen audit, system in place to avoid cross contact and full staff/management training are needed. If not, service gets disrupted and errors happen; causing the experience for all involved to be an unpleasant one.
Once a restaurant is properly trained,there is: education, awareness, communication, transparency and a system in place.
–  Keep it simple, keep it safe.

Not only are you serving the Gluten-Free patron, but the whole party, who goes where the Gluten-Free diner can eat  safely.  If done correctly, restaurants only stand to gain.

*Remember: the new FDA Mandated Gluten-Free Labeling Law includes Foodservice (effective this August)

Gluten-Free is not a Fad, a “Fallergy” or weight loss “diet”.  Food is medicine for those who are Gluten Intolerant.  Respect all.