Hidden Ingredients that could contain Gluten

Hidden Ingredients that could contain Gluten

Become a Label Reader / Label detective.  Manufacturers could change ingredients at any time, so always read all labels.  If in doubt – check with the manufacturer direct to ask about their manufacturing policies, procedures and Gluten-Free testing.


Non-specific ingredients (such as Natural Flavorings, Spices, etc)

MSG (note: not all MSG contains Gluten)

Coloring, caramel coloring and caramel flavoring

Spices and herb blends

Natural flavorings

Malt and Bran of any kind such as flavoring and starches

Food starch

Vegetable protein, starch an flavoring “HVP”

Stabilizers and emulsifier

Anything with added seasonings

Gravies, marinades

Any injected meats

Any thickening agent

Flavored coffee, instant coffees, cocoa mixes

Ice cream (especially with added flavorings)


Soy sauce and Teriyaki

Brewer’s yeast

 Mustard Powder

Fortified Liquors

Tomato and Taco sauce

Salad dressing

French fries (anti-caking agent on frozen) and instant potatoes

Shredded cheeses and blue cheese (anti-caking agent or the way they are processed)

Flavored liquor

Soup – including bases and mixes

Broths and cream sauces

Italian Sausage, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and other meats in a casing

Condiments – ketchup, BBQ, sauces, horseradish, mustard, pickles, mayonnaise, etc…

Prepackaged and deli meats


Non-dairy creamer

Rice mixes

Baking Powder

Cereal Binders and Smoked Flavoring


Rice Crisps

Fillings for cakes and pies

Chocolate, Candy and Chewing gum

Frozen Vegetables with sauces

Sour Cream

Baked Beans

Nuts with flavorings or dry roasted

By: Chef Denise SanFilippo    ©2014                                    denisesanfilippo.com