I began my career in the Food Service Industry at the age of 15.  Having worked for various positions, I finally found my niche in Pastry Arts.  I went back to college for the Culinary Arts, finished and began my career as a Pastry Chef.  As my career was climbing, my health was declining fast.  Fast forward 10 years, 7 Doctors later, I was finally properly diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  An Auto-Immune Disease in which the only cure is to live a life 100% free from Gluten.  My career was Gluten!  I quickly resigned from my post a Lead Pastry Chef and dove into the Gluten-Free field as fast as possible.  My new schooling was to learn from the experts in the industry.  Over the years, I have had the honor to work with many amazing pioneers in the Gluten Free field.

As a Chef and someone living with Celiac Disease, I have the unique understanding of Food Service and how to keep Patrons Safe.  It is the love for this Industry in which Gluten and Gluten Free have been my life's passion.

I look forward to hearing about your Gluten Free journey.  And doing my part to keep food safe and Gluten Free.


For more information please contact - chefdenisesanfilippo@gmail.com